Monday, June 12, 2006

UC Davis Dismissals by College of Letters & Science

UC Davis Dismissals by College of Letters & Science

Did You Get an e-Mail Dismissal from the University of California - Davis' College of Letters and Science? Is it Wrong? Yes! You Need Help Now!

Have you recently been a UC Davis undergraduate student in the College of Letters and Science? If so, have youever received a notice by unsigned e-mail from L&S advising you that you had been dismissed from UC Davis (actually, the entire University of California system) "effective immediately". In other words, did you receive a dismissal from UC Davis without first having an opportunity to meet with the dean or with the dean's advisor to explain why your grades had gone down so quickly? Are you in summer school now because you were told that you had to go to summer school in order to be re-admitted to UC Davis?

Did you know that if you do not try to get re-admitted or that if you try to get re-admitted and are unsuccessful, that for the rest of your life, whenever you have to submit a copy of your official UC Davis transcript, the transcript MUST include a side letter advising your prospective employer or new college that when you left UC Davis, you were officially designated as "Not in Good Standing"?

I may be in a position to help you, but I need to hear from a large number of UC Davis students who have had this happen to them. Contact me at and tell me what happened to you. Your name is optional, but Please give me a way that I can contact you.